We invite you to lend your support in creative, meaningful ways that will inspire and shape the future of students in our University. There are myriad ways you can give back to your Alma Mater, both through volunteering and financial support. Get involved and help AU to sustain its commitment towards educational distinction by providing resources vital for maintaining state-of-the-art facilities, nationally recognized programs and innovative academic / research opportunities. Share your time with us!

Giving back to AU as an alumnus is a wholesome way to stay connected to the University to highlight their talents or passion amongst the current students. You can make a huge difference by inspiring current students and new graduates in the early stages of their career.

Your level of commitment can be as per your convenience, when helping to prepare them for the challenges of a competitive global job market. There are many benefits of volunteering your support for students, such as developing your own skills, enhancing upward mobility opportunities, meeting interesting people, promoting your company and keeping in touch with fellow alumni and academics at the same time while supporting a crucial cause.

We invite you to lend your support directly to students, by your physical presence and inspiring sessions for students and faculty.


This is designed to connect alumni who have area expertise to related courses in the college curriculum. We're asking you to consider a visit to the classrooms to install permanent positive changes. You could begin your visit by describing your current position and career path. We would also like you to augment student skill sets for entering the work force in your field. Finally, students are likely to have lots of questions for you. In some cases, you and the faculty instructor may agree to deepen the exchange by having you participate in greater depth through lectures, case studies, mini research projects and so on.

Meta experience by shadowing : Volunteers are requested to host graduate students for ringside experiences that enable the student to "shadow" the alumni for a half day to a full day. Students also are encouraged to seek out professionals in the field and conduct 45-minute interviews to gain a greater understanding of different positions in the Industry

Therefore, for the implementation, we at the University will be providing a platform for you to connect and work with current fellow students based on your area of competency in person.

All you need to do is check the topic suitability, time availability, target students and their pre-requisite knowledge, timing of lecture and internal coordinator for the lecture through alumni admin and provide the required details by clicking Get Started button shown on the right of the window.

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