Young minds from different disciplines would be involved in a startup project during the study of a student and an ecosystem to inspire and connect them to relevant resources would open up myriads of opportunities in an increasingly technology dominant world. This ecosystem would motivate students during their tenure of study to build companies after their graduation by involving themselves in an increasing number of fast-track programs that allow them to gain valuable experience very early in their career. Our Alumni would be able to nourish their passion, provide mentorship opportunities with leading experts, create a platform to collaborate with students from all different backgrounds across the four Institutions who share the same passion for entrepreneurship and facilitate with unmatched educational programs focused on targeted topics to suit the expectations of every student. Becoming part of this community, would bring phenomenal change of perspectives for our student community leading them undoubtedly to a world of successful entrepreneurship.

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Anna University Centre for Alumni Relations and Corporate Affairs - [CARCA]

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