At present, there is a job-crisis and there is no doubt, it is very hard to find jobs for the outgoing students. Even if the students are promising, the system sometimes fails to facilitate finding the right job. Rightly so, the governments of the day have recognized these lacunae and have come out with a lot of skill based programmes that are necessary to meet the requirements of the day. Anna University realizing fully well the importance of personalized skill development has introduced skill-based curriculum. However, evolving a right networking platform will enhance further our placement success wherein our students who would be employed do find that they have taken up a job they rightly belong to.

Therefore, this Alumni job portal would help the Students /Alumni to find job vacancies appropriately through online mode. Alumni can post the job opening of their organizations or any other opening they come across, view their profile from and contact if they expect those students to be suitable for particular vacancy. This portal provides a direct interaction between the alumni and the students to find the jobs in related to their job preferences.

Industrial Alumni can invite students for post job offers at their premises with proper details. It is very easy for students to get the reference with support of Alumni into any organization directly and students may not miss such of the opportunities that are posted within the company. Thus, support from the external sources to the students would increase manifold.


Student can perform the below functionalities, seeking help from the admin when necessary.

 Register through the Portal: Students can register in the portal by entering their details.

 View Jobs: Students can view the jobs posted by the admin and alumni

 Modify Profile & Interact with alumni: Students can make changes to his/her profile and interact with alumni for references.

 Apply Jobs: Students can apply jobs which match their profiles

 Contact Alumni Admin: If the students have any queries they can contact the admin

Alumni and perform the following functionalities, and may contact the admin for any help

 Post job: Alumni can post jobs

 Register: Alumni can register in the portal by giving the details.

 Modify Profile: Alumni can make changes to his profile

 Edit Jobs: Alumni can edit the jobs

 View Jobs: alumni can also view the jobs that are posted by him and others.

 Contact admin: For queries and navigating the site.

Admin can perform the following functionalities and have control over all the users for adding or for deleting. The admin can respond to the user queries and send the response via mail.

 Edit/Delete Students: Admin can make changes to the student profile.

 Edit /Delete Alumni: Admin can make changes to the admin profile.

 Post Jobs: Admin can also post jobs in the portal.

 Send notification to students/Alumni

For Alumni : All you need to do is to provide the required details on the jobs as given under Functionalities by clicking Get Started button shown on the right of the window.

For Student : Login for Registration to view jobs posted by Alumni as given under Functionalities by clicking Get Started button shown on the right of the window.

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